Caparbietà, vigneto Campagnole

by Malina Georgiana Lucaci, Year II of the postgraduate course in Artistic decoration (A.Y. 2021/22)

Malina Lucaci ritratto

Each person is unique mostly because of their experience – they define what we are, orient our choices, often unconscious. The place I was born in is etched in my memory. Romania still has incredible landscapes where trees reign while human intervention is marginal, if any. These are the images and shapes that speak to me above all others.

– Malina G. Lucaci

The concept behind Stubbornness

All the vineyards of the Ca’ del Bosco Winery have unique features that set the one aside from the other. 

During my research to develop Stubbornness, I was especially struck by the terraced vineyards, a symbol of human perseverance embodied by the transformation of soil from unsuitable to suited for vine growing. Thanks to this human quality we have reached excellent results in all fields, which also holds true for Ca’ del Bosco with its top quality production. In fact, there are many projects, researches and studies to apply new and safe soil cultivation and wine production techniques. 

The project represents vine rows in different ways. Firstly, the morphology of the land is shown at different heights in the panel: Stubbornness mirrors the ever-changing land by day and season, which is why it is made of a material that allows for this changeability offering a constantly changing picture. As a result, the observer can always grasp new features in the land.

Work in progress for realizing Stubbornness

Reach the installation at the Campagnole vineyard