Sinestesia, vigneto San Carlo basso

by Evelyn Fanchi and Edoardo Massenza Milani, Year II of the postgraduate course in Contemporary Visual Arts (A.Y. 2021/22)

Evalyn Fanchi

I come from Andalo (Trento) and I spent most of my childhood in Gargnano, where my curiosity and my interest in nature led me to photography and then to videomaking. I then broadened my horizons with the course in New Technologies of Art at the “SantaGiulia” Academy, where I further developed an understanding of software and sound design. I am always open to dialogue and discussion and this made possible for me to get to know and to work on joint projects with several national and international personalities both in art and music fields.

– Evelyn Fanchi
Edoardo Massenza Milani

My creative yearning started with street art and love for arts but now extends to photography, writing, drawing, including the world of new technologies that I approached in my years in “SantaGiulia” Academy.  
I explore the expressive and creative potential of the computer, from sound design to photo-manipulation, to creative coding casting a glance at Net Art and Video Art. Currently I am attending the Contemporary Visual Arts two-year specialization and my research has strongly developed towards cross-mediality, mixing languages, techniques and media, from analog to digital environments. I have also been working with several associations in the area, as well as artists and musicians. 

– Edoardo Massenza Milani

The concept behind Synesthesia

The Synesthesia project is a two-tiered project, with digital and analog materials. 
The digital or virtual part is a video that shows a film of the surrounding landscape shot with a fixed camera. It enhances both the visual and the sound identities of the landscape. 

We post-produced the images from the shooting, processing them with a mirror image, producing a symmetry that changes the video visual: it switches from descriptive to contemplative, shifting the user’s focus to the center, showing the vineyards through new eyes. 

The video shows a live and changing presence of the spirit of nature, highlighted by the specific design of the sounds recorded on the spot accompanying images and emphasizing this presence.  
Once the film had been cut and edited, we used post-production graphics: we took the most iconic frame of the video and reprocessed it by means of a code using the environmental sound recordings. The frame were processed in creative coding and it is the symbol of innovation and the link with the past of the Ca’ del Bosco Winery. An image born into a digital world, then printed on zinc using photogravure, an ancient technique. It is enriched by its physical, material and precious features: a zinc-plate showing the vineyards and the sky, while maintaining the symmetrical nature of the video. Lastly, once the unique and unrepeatable – like all craft – graphics had been completed, it was positioned in a central square, with the recognizable signature of the relevant glitch artist.  

The QR code takes visitors to the video loaded and released on YouTube. The description contains a brief outline of the work, its geo-location and link references connecting to customer and artists.

Multimedia contribution


Work in progress for realizing Synesthesia

Reach the installation at the San Carlo Basso vineyard