The Potential

Le Potentiel, vigneto Ca' del Bosco

by Anaïs Sferrazza, Year II of the postgraduate course in Contemporary Visual Arts (A.Y. 2021/22)

Anais Sferrazza

My research in art is aimed at investigating the imaginative features of matter, especially the relationship between the artist of the artwork, the medium selected to make it and the visitors who enjoy it. This was my starting point: my objective was representing the imaginative potential concealed in materials. In fact, materials hide the memory of the history of those that shaped them. Thanks to their sensitivity and imagination, artists can transmit this to those who enjoy them.

– Anaïs Sferrazza

The concept behind The potential

Just as you taste wine, you can also taste the history of the land where the vines grow, one could call it a vertical tasting: it leads to a full awareness of the wine and also of the work and feelings that link us to it, that elevate us. Our impressions are not just given by our taste, but also by sight, smell and touch, sensations one cannot easily convey to others in words. In fact, they are consequent on our personal imagination, associated with our innermost experience, which is also determined by the people we have shared it with. My intention is for The potential to summarize all the emotions which a person drinking wine feels when tasting, rediscovering the senses, along with the care the growers have put in tending to their vines. Despite the evolution of the winery’s equipment over the years, some initial steps are still linked to the passion and toil of the growers, a love you can taste drinking a glass of Ca’ del Bosco wine. 
The work offers a ‘historic’ taste, that is, the hands of the growers that clasp the soil becoming a fossil, the memory of the vines. You can read the history of the cellars in their skin texture, the love that has nourished it, so that it can grow and prosper.

Work in progress for realizing The potential

Reach the installation at the Ca’ del Bosco vineyard