Luce, vigneto Fornaci

by Eva Tonni, Year II of the postgraduate course in Artistic Decoration (A.Y. 2021/22)

Eva Tonni

My work is mainly inspired by nature, as I grew up in mountain woodlands. Ever since I was a child, I helped my grandparents in moving their cattle between pastures, which has enabled me to remain in touch with my farming roots – a simple life based on the laws of nature. 
Those years created a strong bond with the natural environment, which is still the source of inspiration in my work. 
In particular, I love to analyze individual elements like plants, flowers and animals that I rethink in an abstract and symbolic manner, picking up on their pure and brilliant colors – far from the city air pollution.

– Eva Tonni

The concept behind Light

The installation is composed by a triangular niche of shiny steel with copper and brass bars on it. Those are divided into two parts: some bars hang downwards and symbolize sun rays, while others are oxidized and point upwards representing the winding Franciacorta hills. 

The steel surface mirrors the bars and the surrounding landscape determining a feeling of it being endless, as if referring to the cycle of life, to wholeness and everything, every thing and every action in the world is linked to the universe by a constant flow of energy. Light recalls optical art and is perceived differently according to time and seasons making it unique and ever-changing to different gazes.

Work in progress for realizing Light

Reach the installation at the Fornaci vineyard