Vine branch

Tralcio di vite, vigneto Breda

by Giulia Zambara, Year III of Sculpture (A.Y. 2021/22)

portrait Zambara Giulia

My name is Giulia Zambara, and I’m from Brescia. I am 22 and I am attending Year III of the School of Sculpture at “SantaGiulia” Academy. Previously I attended the Art School Liceo Olivieri.
I worked for a year as an intern in a tattoo studio after high school.

– Giulia Zambara

The concept behind Vine branch

Vines are plants with a deep meaning. They are a very important symbol for Christianity and are often mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, where they symbolize wellbeing, fertility and blessings. Wine is mentioned in several instances of joy in connection with holidays, festivities and alliances. In Vine branch I depicted vines through a wire shoot, bent to offer its precious nectar to an earthenware vase, with reference to the miracle of the Wedding at Cana: where water was turned into wine, Jesus’s first miracle described in the Gospel according to John. 

Water dripping into the vase symbolizes life and its path, which in Italian is strengthened by vine and life sharing their origin and etymology. The earthenware vase symbolizes acceptance, receiving. When associated to the womb, it stands for the growth potential.

Work in progress for realizing Vine branch

Reach the installation at the Breda vineyard